I bring good news

Good news! Everyone gets to see a lot more of Zenith’s broadcasted matches now, because WE DROPPED TO THE LOWER BRACKET of Gigabyte DotA Masters!

Links for the VoDs against Orange (which we lost 2-1): G1, G2, G3.

Lower bracket game against iG (won 2-1): G1, G2, more G2, G3.

I’m not giving spoiler warnings because it’s pretty obvious. Both sets have 3 games, and obviously we lost to Orange in the upper bracket, and obviously we won in the lower bracket, which is why we’re still going to bring more games in the Gigabyte DotA Masters.

Wait, it wasn’t obvious enough?

AntSharK now paraphrases Skype chat.

Loda: Who are we facing next round?
iceiceice: LGD.
iceiceice: We clear all the way to finals.
iceiceice: And win.
iceiceice: That’s the way of the champion.

As I write this, Orange and LGD are facing off in the upper bracket of the Gigabyte DotA Masters. Clairvoyant iceiceice? We’ll see in a few hours.
Edit: As I say this, LGD is bouncing back from a 2-13 deficit. Orange seems unable to push into the base. What an exciting Game 1. And now Orange has lost the first game.
Edit: An hour later, it seems LGD has won 2-0.
Edit: And we’re fighting TongFu first on Thursday.

Chances are, you didn’t catch any of those games, since you were one of the 27,000 viewers watching the Dreamhack finals. And there were only about 2,700 viewers for the GDM games. So that’s already a 10:1 chance. Not to mention that many people were probably tuned in to BOTH streams.

Since only DIE HARD FANS would watch all 6 games (so would very bored people, but definitely VERY BORED DIE HARD FANS), I’ve decided to provide a haiku to summarize each game.

Orange vs Zenith, Game 1:
Mushi M.I.A.
HY‘s Morphling 1v5
Very easy game.

Orange vs Zenith, Game 2:
Team makes agreement:
“If we lose, we will never
Pick Gyrocopter”

Orange vs Zenith, Game 3:
Teamfights fail damn hard
Yamateh on Queen of Pain

iG vs Zenith, Game 1:
Level 1, 4 dead.
NP pressure towers down
Summons poke down Rax

iG vs Zenith, Game 2:
I was showering
Did not see how this game went
Heard Zenith got owned

iG vs Zenith, Game 3:
Loda’s arrow STRONG
Phantasm image kills Tide
Chuan no say GG

3 out of 6 games feature Zenith getting owned. The best game, I would say, will be iG-Zenith Game 1, because it’s actually a display of SKILL!! (and moderate amounts of high-level cheese, if there was ever such a term). Every other game is a massive display of fail from one side or another.

I say “fail” of course, in the best way. There is very high level play here. This isn’t VP vs Mouz (if the reference is lost on you, don’t worry, but that game was likened to: “Dinocroc vs Supergator” (you only watch it to see who wins), or “watching 2 people take turns falling down the stairs”). “Failing” here should be taken to mean “their opponents didn’t make stupid mistakes to give up their advantage”. Or “their opponents played better”.

Normally, 6 tournament games in a row would give me lots of new content, but Zenith wasn’t on LAN. Nevertheless, it THEORETICALLY wouldn’t have affected their performance, since they were communicating on Skype. Except for maybe xFreedom, because his computer isn’t much different from a Pentium II. Or rather, his laptop (HE HAS NO DESKTOP!!! We need a “buy xFreedom a computer” fund.)

How I’ll answer some questions.

These questions were asked by some of Zenith’s fans (i.e. ME) and supporters (also ME). If you are one of those people who can’t reach me via telepathy though (i.e. you are not ME) you can e-mail any questions at all to me. Email ant@teamzenith.net.

Q: Why did Zenith pick Gyrocopter in the 2nd game against Orange?
A: Because we wanted to try it out. This was an opportunity to field-test a hero against a good team playing properly. There were doubts all over, but everyone agreed that Gyrocopter was ready for field testing, and it was worth the risk to try him out.
There are a few stages for cranking out a new hero before he is ready for competitive play.
Stage 1: Player tries him in public games, likes him.
Stage 2: Player tries him against proper teams, finds hero effective.
Stage 3: Player uses it in tournaments, hero is strong.
In this case, Stage 3 fell flat on its face. The rough agreement made by the team was “if we lose this game, we’re never picking Gyrocopter again”. Far be it from them to go against their word, but I’m pretty sure this is one agreement they will uphold.

Q: Why does Zenith keep losing to Orange?
A: This question came from an ACTUAL PERSON!!! (a person that wasn’t me). I read my inbox just as I was writing this article, and LO AND BEHOLD, AN EMAIL WITH A QUESTION I WAS GOING TO ANSWER ANYWAY!!
A myriad of excuses are being thrown out of the excuse-generating part of my brain (if you’ve played DotA for as long as I have, that part of your brain will be highly developed). The most ridiculous one starting with “because the weather in Singapore these days…”
Orange isn’t bad (an array of other “bad” teams come to mind… which I won’t name). The team is overall pretty unsatisfied with their performance. They feel like they played badly, that they didn’t train enough. Good for them.
My personal opinion (NOT REFLECTIVE OF THE OPINION OF THE ACTUAL PLAYERS): every team loses at some point, but the strongest teams are those who quickly bounce back to become dominant. And Orange isn’t bad. A BO3 with them would often end 2-1. In this case, it simply ended 2-1 in their favor. (not reflective of the opinions of players in the team, who are more likely to claim that there is no chance they will ever drop another game again, but more for their own motivation than anything else).

Q: What’s the difference between Zenith playing on LAN (i.e. right next to each other) and talking on Skype?
A: Why, I was hoping someone would ask! In this case, I cheated, and now I’m simply providing a reply to mine own question. Let’s list the differences Zenith has when playing next to each other.
1) Morale. Perhaps xy‘s best out-of-game ability is his warcry. And it actually boosts morale. Sadly, xy‘s warcry cannot be heard on Skype, because sitting in a room by yourself shouting seems kind of dumb (whereas shouting with your mates in a room creates a significantly better feeling).
2) Communication. Yes, in theory, communication on Skype is the same. In practice, more stuff can be said when you don’t have to always talk to everyone else. And Zenith talks a hell lot. Having to stop communications because the guys on the opposite side of the map are talking to each other kind of sucks. That and more. Yes, the sitting arrangement matters.
3) Team dynamic. Not sharing the same Skype channel means that personal opinion can garner more private support.  This is kind of difficult to elaborate on, but ironically, it seems that everyone’s opinion gets a lot more voice when not on Skype.


More games on Thursday! Well, that’s the plan. Unless, an event that has been happening with HORRENDOUS FREQUENCY, our opponents decide to re-schedule on the day itself (occasionally it happens before that, but it seems that if a game is going to be re-scheduled the players only find out when they’ve already dragged themselves down to LAN).

Meanwhile, seeing as how I have nothing else to write about, you can e-mail me any questions at all!

– Ant



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