A Zenith Training Day

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Team Zenith’s LAN training sessions? What do they do during breaks in between matches? How do they sit? What does the lair look like? Does iceiceice really play pool while drafting heroes? Does Loda look good in everything he wears?

While Ant is busy raging at all things Windows, I shall take it upon myself to share with anyone who is interested what I see at the team’s trainings.

With real life commitments to furthering their education, defending the nation and entertaining a girlfriend, the guys are typically only able to head down to LAN trainings on match days.

With some time to spare before matches, iceiceice can definitely be found at the pool table. Yes, a pool table among other amenities. Like a foosball table. Or an XBox360. Or a Playstation 3. Or a ping pong table.

He is good at pool. Because if you’re good at gaming, you’re good at life.

The wait must have been pretty long because he has started playing a serious game of pool. With himself.

He is so good… his only worthy adversary is himself.

Others are more hardworking. For example, xy likes to spy on others, spectating their games or watching replays. Because, you know, it’s helpful.

Most definitely xy’s screen. It’s a Tidehunter.

Everyone of them has marked their territory – each of them have their preferred computers. And they defend the right to use it viciously. Once settled in, they make checks to ensure that settings are not changed.

And this is how they sit.

And finally, Team Zenith gets down to business. Drafting in a game is a five-person affair.

A draft is only as good as its weakest link.

So is going to the toilet, it seems. Little known fact #1: xFreedom really hates going to the washroom alone at night. He is also really good at persuading the team to go on a toilet break together. Solidarity.

It’s late at night and xFreedom is afraid of the dark. Thus, a 5-man toilet break.

Often, a training day is concluded with a team dinner at one of the several signature food centres around Singapore (that is open at 2am in the morning). On this day, it has been decided that the completion of a hat-trick of matches against Orange eSports deserves a sumptuous meal of Punggol nasi lemak. Little known fact #2: Loda hates otah. He thinks it’s gross.

That thick, green Kate Spade wallet does not belong to hyhy.

Loda is so accustomed to our Singaporean lifestyle now. Just check out his proficiency with chopsticks. Give this Swede a meatball already.

Evidently, LAN trainings are a very important part of Team Zenith’s preparation for The International 2. And everyone of us (player and staff) appreciates the fact that we are lucky enough to have a facility available to us for the sole purpose of preparing for the coming event.

Want to know where exactly Team Zenith trains? Keep an eye out for an announcement this coming week.

– aloysius, your (other) friendly content guy.



  1. Ether

    I’ve been reading the blog since day one and I have to say I really enjoy it. I’m a fan of Zenith, and it’s great to know more stuff about them, even the trivial stuff. Keep up the good work Ant!

    • Ether

      Oh wait, crap. Ant didn’t write this one. Well, gj to you too aloysius, and everyone else that writes up articles on this site.

  2. 10kd4

    I hope they do awesome against LGD. Amazing blog, is good to read facts and “lifestyle” about a team I really support on. GJ. Greetings from Chile, and good look.

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