Orange vs Zenith again

Yes, Zenith just lost 2-2 (Lower Bracket disadvantage) to LGD in the grand finals of GDM. But before they did that, they won Orange. 2-0. Then they won Orange again in PDL. So that’s 3 wins against Orange in a row.

Games are here:
Game 1, GDM
Game 2, GDM
Game 3, PDL, Part 1, Part 2

Time for a short article. One section.

Before that, take note that there is an Ursa Warrior in Game 2.

Here’s a question someone asked me!

Q: And in the second game… god damn Ursa pick is as ballsy as it can get! The only downside of you lineup was no real pushing, but who needs that when you can just blink and kill shit? What inspired the Ursa pick? Was it like the Axe or what? If so keep it secret because Orange got so messed up and had no reaction to Ursa most of the times 😀

A: Ursa wasn’t a secret strat. It was “hey ummm… let’s try him out this game we think he’s strong.” I’m not kidding when I said that Zenith tries strats in tournament games, for the first time, ever.

Also, hyhy’s voice is still hoarse. And he’s being very much more silent.


Things that commentators miss

I don’t actually watch Zenith’s casted games. This time however, I decided to watch game 2 of GDM, the VoD. Because I missed a lot of it. Turns out that there are parts that the casters missed too.

Around 11:30 on the VoD, we see xy‘s full HP Beastmaster battling Yamateh‘s full HP QoP. The casters at this point decide to focus on Loda and hyhy camping out in the woods dealing with friendly Centaurs.

Cut to 11:50, and we see QoP having nearly no more HP. Here’s the sequence of events that happened:

1) xy is bottle-couriering. At this point, the courier is a normal, walking, FEARLESS HONEY BADGER (with glowing eyes). He calls for xFreedom to upgrade it into a FLYING FEARLESS HONEY BADGER.
2) xy decides to forget how to micro the courier. The walking courier ends up in front of him, in front of the tower, just out of range of the enemy QoP.
3) xy micros the courier back. QoP blinks in, gets within tower range, and shoots the walking courier, while taking tower shots and Wild Axes.
4) Just before the projectile reaches the courier, it gets upgraded and so SURVIVES THE QoP’s AUTOATTACK. I kid you not. It was about one QoP’s spear length away from doom.
5) xy goes “oh shit courier died” and proceeds to assume for the next minute that the courier actually died.
6) xy goes “eh you bought a new courier?” before realizing that the courier didn’t die.

The amazing thing is that xFreedom didn’t see any of this. The impeccable upgrade timing was due to dumb luck. Though it does make a pretty good play in the future…

Then around 19:25 on the VoD, we see iceiceice‘s Ursa getting a double kill. As he chases the Windrunner back to her first bottom tower, a TP comes in to help the Windrunner. Ursa retreats at less than half HP. At this point, the casters decide that seeing a Batrider running away from creeps is immensely entertaining (ironically, he was running away from a potential QoP, not knowing that QoP had TP’ed to bottom lane).

So what actually happens, is this.

First off, it’s entirely likely that if this didn’t happen, Ursa would have gone Vladimir’s Offering as his first item.

So, QoP TP’s in to kill the Ursa. Ursa immediately backs off towards the side shop, and then buys a Blink Dagger.

This next part is key. The QoP and Windrunner are RIGHT OUTSIDE THE SIDE SHOP. If Ursa blinks out, QoP will blink after him. So he waits in there for the QoP to scream, then uses Blink to dodge the scream, so the QoP has no followup, in a very well-timed juke.

It wasn’t luck. He was quite seriously waiting there. The whole team was pretty much yelling at ice to Blink, and he just SAT THERE AND WAITED FOR THE QoP TO CAST SCREAM OF PAIN.

Probably a lot more, but I didn’t watch them that much after the early game. Though I guess I can see more once I get the replays.

Well, I guess I have a reason to pay attention to their games more next time. And watch the VoDs.


And all those pictures from the previous post were taken around the time of these 3 Orange – Zenith games. TY Aloysius.


– Ant


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