Things Zenith does which I don’t – #2

Continuing with the series of Things Zenith does which I don’t… well, which I sometimes do but most people don’t…

Thing #1 – Saving spells (you can click on this link)


Thing #2 – Not saving spells

Together, these 2 pretty much add up to a very precise judgement of “how much must I throw at someone to kill him”, leading to the action of “throw as little as possible at someone to kill them”.

When trying to stack stuns and achieve the maximum number of damage on someone, sometimes it’s better to err on the side of caution.

There are 2 different kinds of stun-lock. First, there is actual stun-lock. This is the kind where there isn’t a single moment between the first stun and your opponent’s death when he/she/it is not actually being stunned. This is safe, but sometimes not ideal. You ask ‘why not?’ and I’ll answer…

There’s the other kind of stun-lock, where your opponent has some time in between the first stun and his death where he’s not stunned. However, the time in-between stuns is used to body-block, auto-attack, and generally do all manner of damage to your opponent. The general gist of it is that stuns are more to allow you to get up close and do more damage with auto-attacks. Withholding stun effectively allows you to get more auto-attacks in.

That being said, there are some times where delaying your stun can allow your opponent to escape. Here are some tips:

1 – Always check your opponent’s items. The number one source of healing is the Magic Stick. Many players will not account for the amount that their opponents will heal using a Magic Stick. You want to either kill before the opponent has a chance to use the Stick, or deal enough damage so it doesn’t matter. Then there’s the obvious stuff like BKB and Mekansm and Pipe which you never want your opponent to pop early (entirely possible though to leave a small gap in the stun around 100 HP to bait your opponent into using BKB before dying).

The above deals with stuns. Then there are some targets you just need to kill quickly.

2 – Some targets are just worth killing quickly. Your opponent’s only DPS or Initiator are often worth bursting down quickly and overkilling.

3 – Look at how close to the tower your target is. TP Backup will come. Sometimes you just have to unload all your spells and run, before TP Backup comes.

Illustration time! In Zenith-Orange, GDM Lower Bracket Finals, Game 2, xy’s Lina knows when to use the stun in order to prolong stun-lock and deal the most damage. Also though, many times, xy will use Laguna Blade VERY EARLY to take his target down quickly.


– Ant


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