Team Zenith and Razer Partnership

Last week, we posted this to give you a glimpse of where and how Zenith are training for The International this coming August. This week, it is with great pleasure that we announce an official partnership with Razer in the weeks leading up to the second iteration of The International.

From now until The International, Team Zenith will be training at the Razer headquarters where the players will have 24-hour access to PCs equipped with the latest Razer equipment. The team can now train 7 days a week in a private, exclusive environment without distraction.

On top of this, each team member has been given a brand new Razer Blade to practise on when they are not training at the HQ. Team Zenith is the only DotA 2 team in the world to have the honour of training on Razer’s portable gaming machine.

We are expecting great things to happen with this partnership. Seattle, are you ready? Zenith and Razer incoming!


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