Things Zenith does which I don’t – #3

In an effort to keep a continuous flow of content, here’s the 3rd thing you can learn from Zenith players!

And here’s #1, and here’s #2.


Thing #3 – Play scared in lane

I’m going to start this off with an example. In a rather rare moment, in the finals of GDM against LGD, Game 1, Zenith played a disciplined passive tri-lane.

By “passive” I mean “bloody scared”. Their Windrunner took like 2 last hits for the first 3 levels. They didn’t even want to get within stun range of the opponent’s CK.

By “disciplined” I mean that each one of them understood that under no circumstances would they try to initiate until the time was right.

And why is this rare?

Because somehow, every DotA player feels an uncontrollable urge to catch someone who is seemingly alone… ESPECIALLY IN A TRI-LANE.

Zenith had Furion and Invoker. They needed both to be level 4 for Sunstrike and Furion’s Teleport. So the tri-lane waited patiently. Very patiently. 3 heroes pretty much just sitting around for 3 levels not doing anything, and running at any sign of aggression. Then Furion got Teleport, and Invoker got Sunstrike, and lo and behold, suddenly passive tri-lane was pwnage.

Perhaps it’s too simple to say that they are special in “playing passively”. Many people will enter a lane where they are forced to play passively. Here’s a rough process of what to do.

1) Commit to playing passively. Seriously. Almost everyone will fall flat at this point. They’ll run up to harrass and get caught. They’ll think someone is alone when they know that they’re walking into a trap. If you’re in a tri-lane and you plan to play passively, PLAY PASSIVELY. Oh heck, don’t even get creeps.

2) Now, this part is important. All that time that you spend not getting creeps, you should be planning on how to reverse the tables. Does mid walk up to gank? Do you want your side lanes to buy TPs in preparation of backing up? Do you want to all get Magic Stick and suddenly gain an edge in a 3v3?

3) Your opponent will play more and more aggressively. Now you can execute your plan.

4) Profit.

Not much to go on? Fret not, more to come in due time!



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