Things Zenith does which I don’t – #4

Details are the devil!

Parts 1, 2, 3

Thing #4 – Incredible regen min-maxing

The following is an example of something that EVERYONE KNOWS, but NO ONE DOES.

Okay… so maybe not everyone knows it.

Simply put, if you LOWER your base HP/Mana (by dropping items or changing the attribute bonus from Power Treads), then use a regeneration item (Arcane Boots, or Bottle, or Healing Salve), and then gain back your base HP/Mana, you will heal more!

For example, if you change your Power Treads to Agility form, then use 3 charges of Bottle, before changing back to Strength form, you will have gained significantly more HP than if you were in Strength form all along.

That one many people do.

If you have a Sheepstick, and drop it before using Arcane Boots to recover Mana, you will gain significantly more Mana.

Same concept, but few people seem to do it.

If you have two players with Arcane Boots, they both gain the most Mana by dropping Arcane Boots before having their friend give them Mana.

Once again, same concept, but no one seems to be bothered to do it.

These are things that many players, even pros, don’t bother doing, because it seems to be unnecessarily tedious for a very small gain.

But every edge helps. See tip #1 about the importance of Mana.

Zenith’s players have been doing it for so long that dropping and picking up items can be done with ease. With constant practice, tedium becomes habit. And good habits are invaluable, no matter how small a benefit they provide.


Too many competition games! Sadly, none particularly epic or high profile.

Updates on competition games can be found on the Facebook!


Also, I’ve just come back from China (WHERE WORDPRESS IS BANNED AND I CAN’T WRITE ANYTHING), so the lull period is over! Tune in for more! Heck, if you have any content you want to see, shoot me an e-mail!

– Ant


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