To take down an LGD


Why do I even put spoiler alerts? It’s not like you come here for NEWS.

And what good is a spoiler alert if you don’t know what I’m spoiling?

Or if the entire post is pretty much talking about how Zenith just won LGD in the It’s Gosu Montly Madness tournament finals, 3-0, in a best of 5?

Also, Dumbledore dies.

No VODs yet. Comment if you find one!

Zenith training log, 29/07/12 (YES WE PUT THE DAY BEFORE THE MONTH, stupid Yanks).

1500H – Time when Zenith decides to meet at the training ground.

1630H – Time when hyhy responds on Skype and starts to make his way down.

1730H – Time when Zenith meets at the training ground. Also scheduled time for their lower bracket game in the Alienware Arena tournament.

1745H – Zenith waits in game, spectating a scrim between team Harrosh and team Armageddon. Incidentally, team Armageddon is Zenith’s Alienware Arena opponent, in a match that was meant to start 15 minutes ago.

1815H – Armageddon forfeits Alienware Arena. Zenith has no game. Much waiting.

1830H – Loda gets into a pub game. Meanwhile, the rest of the team is using the Blade to try to download a replay of their game, to pick on their own mistakes. As a result, Loda lags. Very badly. His attempts to last hit with 2 seconds of delay are quite hilarious. At least, for everyone else.

1900H – Replay finishes downloading, and proceeds to throw some convoluted error, prompting the team to RE-DOWNLOAD the replay. Loda has accepted his laggy state as great training for the upcoming delayfest that is PDL2 (an international online tournament), and proceeds to score a triple kill with 2 seconds of delay, proving that when you’re Loda, you can attack-move to victory.

1930H – Loda‘s game finishes. Replay download finishes. xy to Loda (paraphrased): “all your suffering is in vain… the replay doesn’t work”.

2015H – iG vs LGD starts. Zenith cheers iG.ChuaN on. iG wins the first game.

2110H – iG vs LGD game 2 starts. Zenith watches on the side, while playing some 1v1s.

2140H – iG vs LGD goes into Game 3. iceiceice and hyhy each bet $5 on the winner. Entire team watches intently and there is much excitement and cheering. LGD wins. hyhy happily flaunts his newly earnt $5.

And then shortly after 11pm, Zenith starts the first game of their best of 5 against LGD.

The communication dynamic was different. Plagued by hardware issues, just for this game, hyhy and Loda moved to the opposite end of the sitting arrangement, leaving iceiceice sitting in the middle of the entire team, somewhere he didn’t really want to be. He had often stated his preference to be in the corner, doing his own thing. Now, he found himself in the middle, trapped between the crossfire of team communications.

But perhaps as a natural result of being in the middle of all that team communication, iceiceice became much more vocal. His coordination with xy was more impeccable than usual (strange, since he always sits next to xy anyway). His coordination with Loda was better (sitting in the middle as opposed to sitting on opposite ends). His coordination with hyhy was, as usual, completely non-existent.

Aside. An observation. the roles that hyhy and iceiceice take somehow have each of them doing completely different things for the entire game.


Most common lines heard

“Wait wait wait guys, let me farm my E-blade (or some item).” – hyhy, 1.5k gold away from E-Blade.

“Wait wait wait guys, let me take my EOS (or some other item).” – hyhy

“Guys, we can take it slow.” – Loda, usually after someone goes “WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING!!”

“Ok… stopping sleep in… three…. TWO-ONE-ZERO.” – iceiceice 

“I sleep when Enigma BKB, then net him!” – iceiceice (he said this only once, but then he proceeded to net the Beastmaster, sleep the BKB’ed Enigma, and go “OH SHIT I USED NET ALREADY”)

“…” – xFreedom (technically not a quote, but does look like a monster’s face)

“Why is it like, every game, I’m getting the same items?” – xy, going exactly the same item build for all his games


For all 3 games, xy was the playmaker. The commander. The planner. (INSERT MORE SYNONYMS).

Probably fearing for his voice, hyhy took a back seat in commanding, and xy took the mantle. With some help from iceiceice.

Another aside. Because I have to give credit where it’s due. xFreedom doesn’t command the team, but he and xy form a nice little (hehe, little, because xy is short) sweet couple, sort of like some tactical ops division, doing their own thing. And Loda doesn’t command map movement, but somehow always ends up at the right position all the time. And then he hits some amazing Shackleshot somewhere and no one, even in his team, had any idea it was coming.

With xy being much more vocal, it seemed that each area of the game was commanded by a specialist. No one person dictated the movement of the team, though xy for the most part made the plays. He coordinated the ganks, and where and how to push.

hyhy‘s teamplays are convoluted and often very well thought out – which is why they often fail (but when they work, boy, no one would have seen them coming). xy‘s plays, on the other hand, are simple and usually not as risky. So when you put the both of them together and xy is more vocal, GREAT COORDINATION HAPPENS!!

Of course, maybe there’s a bit of luck involved.

With many of the plays being coordinated by xy, each of the members of Zenith commanded the team in different things.

hyhy commanded defense. Who to TP where, how many to TP, how many and who to defend a tower.

xFreedom, with hyhy, coordinated warding.

iceiceice commanded split pushing.

Loda, for the most part, alerted the team early. Another frequent quote from him “CAN WE DEFEND?? CAN WE DEFEND??” was, sadly, often met with a reply 5 seconds later “actually, we can… but it’s too late now.”

When people talk of members of a team “complementing each other”, it seems mostly bullshit. However, the above is an effective illustration of how each member of the team can use his strengths to help the team. iceiceice, very accomplished split pusher (who breached LGD’s base in game 1 without any of LGD knowing) commands the split pushing. hyhy, master mind-fker and engagement visionary, coordinates defenses and battles.

And, at least from this series, from what I’ve witnessed, xy just… knows what he’s doing. He commands clearly, and gives the team direction that is both effective and easy to follow.


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  1. A

    Love this blog:) keep the posts coming please! nice for zenith to get revenge on lgd (thinking on the bo5 with the lan-fire for lgd long pause). Looking good for TI2!

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