So, a concerned fan e-mailed me…

And I’m not referring to myself. I actually got an e-mail from an actual concerned fan after the whole uproar over Zenith withdrawing from 2 online tournaments.

Which can be found here. The fan support is touching (as in, support from fans, don’t ask me “what fan? touching what?”). Internet arguments, of course, never amount to anything. Because, really, if anyone actually wanted answers or had actual questions about the issue, clearly the best course of action would be to air their grievances into the vast wisdom that is the internet forum.

Since tone is lost in writing, I need to clarify that the previous sentence was meant to be sarcastic. The lowest form of wit, but some would say still surpasses horrible puns (both of which I have included in the previous paragraph). But really, we actually can be contacted. Like a very concerned fan actually did. Assuming, of course, that you don’t simply seek the validation of your anonymous online peers.

Concerned fan’s email had 5 paragraphs, showing that he had mastered the standard hamburger model in writing. Really. It had one paragraph of introduction, one for a starting point, one for a question, one for a concluding point, and one for a conclusion. Since it was so nicely structured, I only need to quote the last two paragraphs.


“through it all, i do hope zenith will be able to salvage this situation. not everyone has lost faith in you guys. in retrospect, i rly did hope that dota 2 would remain pure entertainment to me, but i can’t ignore the fact that a team i have grown to admire is under so much fire from the community.

all the best guys. i will not accept anything short of triumph in the upcoming TI2, because zenith does have the potential. peace out!” – A concerned fan.


Only the parts in quotation marks are actually from the e-mail. So he didn’t sign off as “a concerned fan”.

That e-mail was sent to me about 3-4 days ago, before I even read the forum thread. Originally, I was going to post my reply here (I replied back with a 550 word email!), but it seems that most of the fans have, in a rather pleasant surprise, pretty much said everything that I said in my reply.

We love our fans.



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