The International 2012 – Day 0

After an exhausting 24 hours of flight time and close to an hour at immigration, Team Zenith finally walked through the customs gates to arrive in Seattle at about 3pm local time.

Nap time!

Despite being jet-lagged and weary from the trip, we were all excited and very enthusiastic to finally be in the city. We were warmly welcomed by Valve travel representatives who were waiting all day at the airport. We proceeded to head over to the Hyatt on the outskirts of Seattle where we will be staying for the next fortnight.

That’s what one hour of customs clearance does to people.

Welcome to Seattle!

I’ve got to say – Valve really knows how to organize an event. From the moment we stepped off the bus, we were continually impressed by what we saw. The hotel looked great, the ballroom looked great and the damned rooms looked great too! Teams were all met by Valve staff who walked us through the entire check-in process. Here’s a preview shot of one of the rooms.

Hyatt Bellevue.

Team introductory briefing.

Teams were all briefed by Valve at a reception counter on the schedule for the day. Basically, the first day was free for the teams to explore the vicinity. After settling in and unpacking in the rooms, we all headed out of the hotel to explore the city and look for food (we were all famished because airline food sucks!). What hit us hard was the chilly Seattle wind because we certainly did not expect the 10 degrees Celsius temperature!

The picky players finally decided on sampling some of the famed Seattle fresh seafood. We had dinner at a seafood restaurant called McCormick & Schmick’s near the hotel and oh boy – the seafood was amazing! Salmon, halibut, oysters, mussels and trout – every single dish was delicious, more delicious than anything we have eaten in Singapore. Post-dinner activities consisted of chilling with warm drinks at Starbucks (of course we would visit Starbucks, we’re in Seattle ffs!) before retiring to the rooms for some much-needed rest.

Not much going on for the first day here, we’re looking forward to much more exciting activities in the days to come! Check back here for daily updates regarding Zenith and The International!



  1. sg boy

    “every single dish was delicious, more delicious than anything we have eaten in Singapore”

    dun need exaggerate until you denigrate

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