Why have you awakened me?

To tell you something important about Zenith, of course!

An apology is due. We haven’t been pushing content out on the blog as frequently as we would have liked and you have not heard much from Team Zenith since the conclusion of The International. Frankly, it’s because the team and the admins have been catching up on work, studies and life. It’s this kind of post-event lows that are so dreadful.

Fret not though. We have some updates for fans and followers of Zenith – some good news, some bad news.

Let’s start with news people already know. We are saddened to announce the departure of our captain, hyhy, who is retiring from the competitive scene. Some have speculated that the cause is his impending National Service or the start of his work attachment at Razer – whatever his reasons, it is his to keep and not for us to reveal. Nonetheless, all of us at Zenith wish him gl and hf in his future endeavours and thank him for an incredible journey to Seattle in 2012. Also, our Swedish foreign talent, Loda, will also be leaving Singapore and thus be departing from the team. He has not made known his future plans but let’s come together and wish him a blessed journey home. Who knows, Loda might find a home in a new team very soon!

But with people leaving, we are doubly glad to have new members joining the Zenith ranks. And with these new additions, we are proud to announce that Team Zenith will be a full-fledged Singaporean team.

Team Zenith

iceiceice – Daryl Koh Pei Xiang (Captain)

xy- – Toh Wai Hong

xFreedom – Nicholas Kelvin Ileto Lim

LuX – Patrick Kwan

alanter – Alan Ter Ming Liang

In this new lineup, iceiceice will be assuming the role of captain (underpants) as well as the drafter for the team. For the benefit of our international fans, here’s a simple profile on our two new members.


Name: Alan Ter Ming Liang

Birthday: November 17th 1988

Sexual orientation: Mostly straight

Relationship status: Undecided

Favourite role in team: Solo mid

Actual role in team: Thrown to die on danger lane

Favourite hero: Venomancer, Furion

Other things he’s damn good at: Making xy- feel better about his height

Things he sucks at: Anything that tall people are good at

Hailing from teams like Aeon.SG, alanter is not a stranger to the competitive DotA scene. Only narrowly missing qualification to The International in Seattle with his previous team, alanter is a perfect fit for Zenith’s audacious playstyle. Never afraid of being aggressive, even when outnumbered three to one in lane, his aggro in game is dwarfed only by the fearless iceiceice. A competent solo mid, alanter is accustomed to heroes that dictate the pace of the early-mid game. A formidable farmer, it seems like he smuggles gold in his pocket for use when he needs it most in the game. After all, who could forget his 800500 cs QoP when playing for Aeon.


Name: Patrick Kwan

Birthday: December 6th 1986

Sexual orientation: Straight…. until xy- came into his life

Relationship status: Still trying to figure it out

Favourite role in team: Initiator

Actual role in team: First to go in, first to die

Favourite hero: Pudge, Tidehunter

Other things he’s damn good at: Karaoke

Singaporean fans who have been following DotA will recognize this jolly fella. LuX has an illustrious gaming resumé – playing for almost a decade for teams such as DsD, the original Zenith and Aeon. Many people know xy- for his ‘I GOT RAVAGE’ Tidehunter. Well, he won’t be playing Tide anymore with LuX in the team. Renowned for his unparalleled initiation in teamfights, LuX excels at heroes like Enigma and Tidehunter. He does not need to yell, he knows the exact moment to jump in. Most of the time, he overlooks the fact that he dies to help the team win a big fight. Sometimes though, even a boss like iceiceice gets an earful from him for letting him die.

Our new blood are great complements to our current roster of players. While it will take some time for the players to settle into their new roles, it’s a very promising start for this new-look Zenith team. This team has already won WCG Singapore and placed 3rd in the Game Victorious Alienware tournament, despite not having any proper training before these matches.

iceiceice has finished his National Service obligations and those who are following him on his TwitchTV account will know that he is streaming almost every day. xFreedom has resumed his studies but occasionally, you might find him in iceiceice’s matchmaking party when he takes a break from schooling and ventures into his favourite Radiant jungle. xy- is still serving his 2-year stint in the army but still makes time to play on weekends – you will most definitely see him in online and local tournaments. alanter is currently studying and is leading the carefree life of a student who can commit obnoxious amounts of time to playing DotA 2 (oh joy!). LuX is working full-time in the finance industry but makes time at night to pwn noobs on DotA 2.



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