Because there can never be too many ice’s

left to right : Yamateh, ice, xy-, iceiceice, xfreedom
pictured at the Flash DotA2 League Season 1, Alienware Arena Lucky Chinatown

The purpose of this blog post, other than to revive this blog and add to the content, is to announce that Chua Chee Cai “ice” (formerly from Ks, Orange and other prestigious Malaysian teams) and Ng Wei Poong “Yamateh” (who acquired fame back in DotA1 with his insane shadowfiend play and his tongue in cheek remarks like “GG BACK U”) are officially part of the Team Zenith roster for 2013.

The current line up has teamed together on several occassions – they were previously part of Kingsurf, Orange eSports and Scythe Gaming, to name a few

Says Daryl “iceiceice” Koh of the new additions, “I’m happy to be teaming with Yamateh and ice because their individual characters and attitude towards competitive gaming are the best a team could ask for. With them on the team, Zenith aims to win everything; be it a small tournament or the mecca of them all – The International 3.”

The line up has proven to be formidable, taking two 1st placings in the recent Flash DotA 2 League (out of a possible 3), taking 2nd position in the SEA League against teams from South East Asia and China and most recently winning the SteelSeries DotATalk Championship without dropping a single game.

Yamateh and ice are not just friends in real life, they’re sworn teammates, racking up countless wins through the years of teaming together.
Here is a list of their DotA2 achievements :

1st – Asian Cybergames DotA2 Malaysia Invitational
1st – Razer DotA2 Malaysia Invitational
1st – The Evolution DotA2 Malaysia Grand Final
1st – JoinDotA Masters DotA2 IX
1st – MY ACG DotA2 Qualifier @ Orange
1st – WCG DotA2 Malaysia National Final
1st – WCG DotA2 Asian Championship
1st – Alienware Arena DotA2 Battleground MYSG
1st – GosuCup Asia DotA2 Season 1
1st – ACG DotA2 Malaysia National Final
1st – GEST DotA2 Tournament Grand Final
1st – GosuCup Asia DotA2 Season 5
1st – Flash DotA2 League Season 1
1st – Flash DotA2 Professional League
2nd – TGX Arena Regional DotA Tournament 2011(SGD2000)
2nd – MGT DotA Tournament 2011(RM3500)
1st – Electronic Sports Thailand Championship (ESTC) 2011(USD5900)
1st- Malaysian Dota 2 Invitational 2011(USD5000)
2nd- League of Cyber Gamers Dota 2 2012(RM1000)
1st- Orange Dota 2 Promotional Tour 2012(RM2000)
2nd- Razer DotA 2 Tournament Singapore 2012 (USD1000)
2nd- Alodia’s Birthday Bash 2012
1st-India Gaming Carnival 2012
1st-Razer Dota 2 Tournament Malaysia 2012 (USD2000)
1st- The Evolution Malaysia Grand Final 2012 (RM5000)
1st- MSI MGT gaming tournament 2012 (RM5000)
1st-WCG Malaysia Qualifier(RM3000)
7th/8th The International 2012 (USD25000)
1st WCG Malaysia 2012 (RM3000)
1st WCG Asian Championship (USD3000)
1st ACG Malaysia National Final (RM5000)
3rd G-1 Champions League (USD8000)
3rd The Asia (USD6000)

Online Tournaments

3rd- Hold Cup
1st-GEST Dota 1 Tournament April edition (USD 1500)
3rd-MSI NVIDIA Dota 1 online tournament (USD 500)
3rd-Gigabyte Dota 2 masters(USD 750)
1st-JD Masters IX – 1st (EUR 500)
1st-Alienware Battlegrounds Malaysia-Singapore (USD1500)
2nd- ESWC 2012 DotA2 East Qualifier
1st-GosuCup Asia (USD500)
2nd-Alienware Victorious Regional Final (USD1000)
1st-GEST DotA2 (USD1000)
1st-2013 SEA League (USD800)
1st-2013 Litany League Season 2

News coverage and replays of the recent competitions won by the current Zenith line up

– SteelSeries DotATalk Championship (14/15 Mar 2013)

– SEA League (4 Feb 2013)

– Flash DotA 2 League Season 1 (26/27 Jan, 2/3 Feb 2013)
– Flash DotA2 League open category games vs First Departure
Game 1
Game 2



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