Waiting for the good stuff.

It was an unfortunate week filled with “what if’s” as xy-‘s absence from the team was sorely missed. But the time comes to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves down; to look ahead and train as a team for upcoming tournaments. Many thanks to Meracle and poloson who kindly played as stand-ins for our resident Tinker play. xy- might be small but he has big shoes that are difficult to fill. We will be announcing the tournaments that Zenith will be participating in once details have been firmed up so watch this space as well as our Facebook page. Zenith has also been training at LAN more regularly, thanks to Alienware for offering the use of the Arena. We will be releasing dates that the team will be training at the Arena in the future – Singaporean fans who wish to drop by and have a look at Team Zenith train should be pleased! Or else, you could just come down and mingle. Honestly, we don’t bite.

Recently, we’ve had a lot of fans ask us about the Zenith pennant. Fans who currently own the pennant will be able to contribute to the count in tournament games. We are aware that Valve has removed the Zenith pennant from the store. We are working with them to re-list our pennant on the store for fans who wish to get one.

On this note, we would like to thank our fans for their unwavering support through the up’s and down’s of the past year (almost!). Also, Team Zenith would like to know more about our fans – where you’re from, why you like Zenith, who’s your favourite player, whether you wear boxers or briefs etc. We will be pushing out some exciting new content on this blog as well as our Facebook page really soon. Hint: you will get to win something!

So, no matter where you’re from, keep a lookout and you might just win yourself some cool new swag.

Mr Ravage is coming back soon!

Mr Ravage is coming back soon!



  1. ShootAnonymous

    Sgrean here who only started playing dota after watching TI2 ^^ Became a fan at roughly the same time. Love the versatility of Zenith’s lineup. Favourite player would have to be a toss up between ice3 and xy. Neither boxers nor briefs – it might be hard to believe, but yes female fan(s?) exist!

    Jia you Zenith – was quite disappointed by Zenith’s performance in G1, but now that the 5 rangers have been assembled… well, it’s morphing time!!! (right?) 😀

    • teamzenith

      Hello, we are disappointed too but a little encouraged at the same time because we are sure we will do much better as a full team. Thanks for dropping us a comment!

  2. Kvothe

    Like that^^
    Im from Germany, favourite players are Iceiceice and Yamateh, and I love Zenith because they pull out so freaking crazy stuff 😀

  3. Kyrie_Eleison

    Love iceiceice’s trollings but he throw way too much, as a player I prefer Xy or Ice because of dat juke.

    Indonesia, brief, male, 6″

    PS: Please use blink dagger on antimage imba strat.

  4. Arcane

    Will Zenith be getting sponsors? I hope they will. I am looking forward to see zenith get back to pwnage ways. Just train a little harder! Good luck!

    • teamzenith

      We are still currently unpaid players who try to play as much as possible outside of real life commitments. Will keep you guys updated via blog and Facebook once there are any changes.

  5. Luna-sHi

    Singaporean here. I really like Zenith coz all the players are really versatile and are brave enough to attempt unique lineups and strategies. It’s hard to pick just a single favourite player, so I’ll pick two: xy- and xFreedom 🙂

    Jyjy this year!! Gogo TI3!!

  6. david

    zenith may want to participate in many tournaments as possible-small or not- and study alot of current dota-both current chinese and western dota. This will give zenith an in-depth view of the strats and experience.

    I wish team zenith all thie best for TI3. and yea i mma waiting for valve to put back the zenith pennant.:)

  7. Bob

    Been a fan since Loda joined Zenith last year. Singaporean here. Well being the only decent Singaporean dota team, I have to support Zenith :). That said, Its enjoyable to watch Zenith play, trying out various heroes and making impressive plays leaving my jaw dropped. Favourite player has to be Xy, his individual skill is very impressive, an excellent solo mid, carry or support. Watching him play is a pleasure especially when he makes plays with tinker, storm and of course his tide. The whole current Zenith lineup has been impressive too, besides iceiceice not being on his game recently;(.(Stream pls when free). I wear briefs, have been wearing briefs since young don’t feel like changint to boxers although they might be more comfortable. Good luck Zenith! Go win at least top 3 ti3!

  8. TraxerDota

    I’m from Uruguay (south america). I just love each of the team members tbh.. xy- with his insane flashy plays, xFreedom getting new heroes into the support role all the time (juggernaut, tiny, timbersaw), yamateh being a very agressive carry, Ice really solid support, and well, iceiceice, just… hard to describe him. He is the most charismatic personality in the dota scene right now imo. icex3 is a next level troll, and very skillful player at the same time! Best invoker ever 😉

  9. 300thecat

    I just hope all 5 of Zenith get along well together. I hope it isn’t segregated as Team xy/xpinoy/ice3 and Team Ymt/Ice. Oh, and when does live-in-together bootcamping start?

    • teamzenith

      It isn’t a problem – everyone speaks a common language (or two). Besides, everyone has known each other for years. There are no plans yet because of work/studies but there will definitely be prior to major tournaments.

  10. Kenneth

    HELLO !!! .. My name’s Kenneth. Just saying hi from Singapore . Read the post about training in arena .. Might pop down to peek a little .. And I love the zenith game play .. It FULLY DISPLAYS the STRENGTH AND POWER of the S.E.A gameplay . (At least that’s how I feel) especially with the tiny draft ! That I agree that it’s an underestimated hero !! Pleased so far with the surprises of your drafts and games .. Favourite player would be iceiceice and his invoker ~~ and yamateh with his QOP.. I wear boxes ~~ hahaha .. :/ hope to see you guys perform and grow to give more exciting and surprising games against the top teams ..

    PS: hope I win a prize for this :p

  11. xxlegendzxx

    Singaporean. I started Dota2 just this year around Feb and has heard about Zenith from my friends. After watching your Videos I became a fan as I like Ice3 Trolls :3 . Favourite player is definitely Ice3 or Hyhy(if hes still in) because Ice3 is such a troll.Very very troll. well, Jys 😀

  12. Amos

    Singaporean here,I like Zenith because they are very versatile and creative,iceiceice is my favourite player because I too,wear boxers when I play XD.

  13. `aventadoR

    I find it funny how iceiceice thought it was a 50/50% chance to win.

    Maybe once ice3 gets rid of the big ego the team can move forward.

    All the best for the future

  14. samuel

    I am from singapore :D, Zenith show the world that even though singapore is a small country but still able to compete in the world level. Not everytime we need to hire foreign talent to help us win competition. Zenith prove that Singaporeans got talent too, bringing more singaporeans to form teams and playing professionally.
    Their teamwork is so good, have unique draft , versatile and flexible players, everyone know their job! I am waiting for Zenith to win the TI3, bring pride and glory to Singapore!

    I love ICEICEICE, his stream inspired me(unfortunately he has stop streaming now, hope you stream soon!), teaching people about what he is doing, some small tips while he is playing. I learned lots of things from him, he is funny and trolling but something throw away games, but only pro can troll right (: He is a captain i am sure he know what he is doing in competition. All the way man Zenith, hoping to see you guys participate in more competitons!! 😀

  15. preloong

    In zenith we trust.. looking forward your next competition performance.. good luck =) (I’m a big fan of icex3)

  16. TWO Toagus

    WOOOO A WORDPRESS POST! I have missed these so much! Anyway, I’m a Singaporean and what I really love about Zenith is the fact that you guys don’t give a shit about the meta and do what you want…. AND WIN! (Well, most of time) Favourite player is either iceiceice, xy, or hyhy (if he still counts :O). I wear briefs because I like the feeling of security that they provide XD

    Keep practicing hard and always know that you have plenty of hardcore fans out there!!!!!!

  17. @Z!!!_Dota

    I started loving zenith since always! Be with loda&hyhy, yamateh and ice. this team is awesome to watch.
    Bought Zenith’s pennant at the beginning of TI2 [lucky me]. But i dont have the money for buying tournament tickets =/ [Thank you BTS]

    I play dota for atleast 6 years, or i “learn” dota for atleast 6 years.
    But the proscene of my country actually sucks [BR], so i do it for myself, because i love it.

    BR, boxer, male.

  18. Zbigniew

    My name is Zbigniew, I’m from Poland! I love Zenith since Gosu Monthly Madness Asia, when you defeated LGD.cn! My favoruite players from team are xFreedom and ofc Iceiceice! I’m really looking forward to celebrate your TI3 win!

  19. Jake

    WHY HYHY PLAY LoL WHY Loda go back Sweden and play for nth ?! I think that zenith prime will be at the bts and ti2. Don’t really like the current lineup for zenith. But I’m still a fan tho. Luckily I have ice3 in my fantasy team.

    I love playing in boxers ! Feel so comfortable

  20. Cokelightguy

    Malaysian here. Zenith has always impressed me with their unorthodox and daring play (whether it works out or not.) but honestly I just like any team that N.W.P. is on, and I started following Icex3 after TI2 so its a no brainer to support the team with 2 of my favourite Dota personalities were going to be on the same team.

    With that said though, my favourite player on Team Zenith is xPinoy! I have a soft spot for drafters as I’m very interested in the skill of drafting therefore I pay special attention to them, but xPinoy especially because the way he drafts is so.. Zenith?

    Neither boxers nor briefs, commando is the way to go =X

    All the best. I really hope you guys get setup with facilities to train full time. Not blowing smoke up your asses, but you guys are really really good!

  21. jlnz

    Im from Malaysia, the reason I like Zenith is they has unique line up in tournaments. My favourite player is N.W.P.

  22. shadowhawk

    Hi I’m from Singapore and I play under the name of P|nkJellyPea_ in Dota2.

    I have been a fan of Zenith since the first TI, under Scythe.SG and started playing Dota again because of it. I’ve been following every tournament that Zenith plays in but was really sad during the downtime after TI2. With the recent performance in G1-League, I am proud of Zenith’s progress so far.
    Fan of Zenith because of all the perfect combo the team pulls off, that would have required lots of individual skill and good judgement.

    No favourite player, like the team as a whole.
    I wear briefs ^^

  23. WOOHOO

    Big Fan of Zenith since TI2 when I started taking note of competitive Dota. Really enjoy the versatility of the team, how you guys are able to shuffle between roles. Favourite player would have to be Iceiceice, Big fan of his streams, love his boldness and crazy strats (No ban strat against IG, wtf!?) Haha, hope you guys perform better, really wish you’ll make it big since the team is not sponsored. All the best!

  24. Abhishek Das

    I am From Indian, I am a Big fan of zenith when it was under the tag Scythe Gaming,the MYM and was a big fan of iceiceice. Am following the team in every tournamnets and phase. I like Zenith because of the versatility of the players and the new and awesome strats by iceiceice and i am a big fan of ice3 you are the best man.

  25. [Q]anta

    to be frank, I started rooting for Zenith a lot more only after YamateH and Ice joined, then I realized that this is one team unlike any other–being able to shuffle roles and pick up any hero whilst handling any lineup. If you ask me I am more of a fan of unorthodox plays that are entertaining, and Zenith seems to deliver just that.

    side question: “why isn’t YamateH and Ice’s profile up yet? “

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