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We are always heartened to see new comments from friends and fans on this blog. Unfortunately, life prevents this space from being updated as much as we’d like. But hey, The International isn’t that far off – you can expect more regular updates coming soon! We will definitely be posting daily updates as we head up to Seattle (just like last year!) so you can give us a holler about what you’d like to see.

The team has been training pretty much every day, occasionally taking some days off. There has been some hiccups in the recent 1-2 months, as you probably can tell from our non-too-stellar tournament results. Fortunately, it seems like these problems are being sorted out and I’m actually glad this happened now and not at The International itself. All of us are very excited about the trip and are looking forward to flying off in a month or so.

Now on to some juicy news! Have I gotten your attention yet?

As many of you would know, we are extremely honoured to have Steelseries come on board as a sponsor for Team Zenith. They have generously provided us peripherals and other kinds of assistance, helping the team better prepare for Seattle. We will be releasing some offiicial as well as behind-the-scenes photos of the Zenith photoshoot with our hoodies soon. Stay tuned for that!

To reward our friends and fans who have stuck with us through thick and thin, Steelseries has readily agreed to offer this for grabs:

Steelseries Flux In-Ear Pro

The Steelseries Flux In-Ear Pro possesses accurate drivers that delivers great sound for both music and games. You’ll never need to worry about wire tangles with the flat cables of the Flux. Flux also gives you unparalleled customizability – swap out ear tips as well as cables to match your own style.

All you have to do is:

1) Head over to Steelseries and give them a like! Show them the love!

2) Comment on this facebook post ( ) and tell us where you’re from, why you like Zenith and what you will use the Flux In-Ear Pro for if you win it!

We are not putting any restrictions on who can enter this contest – we will pick a winner (the most creative/sincere answer!) and if the Singaporean postal service can send it to your address, we’ll ship it! And if the winner happens to be attending The International, we’ll keep it for you and you can receive it personally from the team!

Please also make sure that your account is not set to private or we will not be able to verify if you’ve liked the page, or send you messages!

Contest closes 23rd June 2013 at 2359h Singapore time (GMT +8). May the odds be ever in your favour!



  1. chris

    I LOVE ZENITH BECAUSE I LOVE ICEx3. IM FROM MELBOURNE BUT I LOVE SINGPAPOREEEE. I would most probably use the earphones to listen to commentaries on the international

  2. Sharmas Ooi

    Im from Singapore and i love Zenith because it just kick other team asses! I will use it for my PC as i currently do not have any headset or earpiece! 😀

  3. Bkay

    Singapore. Back in the first TI, i didn’t think a singapore team would win but i was proven wrong by scythe winning 3rd. So I have been supporting singaporean teams ever since. I would use the flux from listening to music to gaming

  4. Jonathan

    From Singapore
    I like zenith because they are the only team i guess in the world that are not afraid to express themselve. especially iceiceice, i like the way he talk, always being so straightforward and not afraid of making others angry
    Prolly use this Flux for music while travelling and maybe for games in dota 2. Currently dont have a mic for dota 2.

  5. Arcane

    I don’t really care about the giveaway. I just want you guys to train really hard, and leave no regrets at TI3. Good luck. #teamsingapore! Show them how Zenith can do it all. GLHF.

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