Starcrossed union.

How many of our fans have played DotA 1? How many of you remember the epic load screens during the days of WC3 DotA? How many of you remember the screen that you stared at after the starting countdown while waiting for the game to load?



For all you newbies, these artwork were drawn by the legendary Kunkka. No, not the Admiral. This Kunkka, a fellow Singaporean from Imaginary Friends Studios. So one day, Kunkka randomly drops us a message on Skype.

What heroes are you Zenith guys famous for?

Obviously, it was an easy choice for most of them. SF/QOP on Yamateh, Invoker/Naga on iceiceice, Chen/Enchant on xFreedom, Tinker/Tide/Storm on xy- and Sandking/Rubick on Ice. You get the idea right?

A week later, Kunkka drops us another message on Skype.

Heya, I wanted to do something for Team Zenith, seeing how I’m Singaporean and you guys are a Singaporean team. I’d like to do something to show support for the team at The International 3! TADAH!

And THIS is what he sent us. A Zenith compendium of heroes.







And we would like to share this with our fans. If you wouldn’t mind the above graphic adorning your desktop, then feel free to download it as your wallpaper. All of us here at Team Zenith love what Kunkka has done for us – it truly is a work of art isn’t it?

Before you think we’re done, we’d like to let you know that we’ll be printing this on T-shirts in limited quantities to fans who wish to purchase them. We will definitely be printing a set for the team to wear to Seattle and we’re considering bringing up some to Seattle for any American friends that we might have. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Please give us a holler in the comments section if you are interested in getting one to show your support for Zenith at The Internationals this year. Do let us know where you’re from as well. And because our players do not draw any form of salary, all proceeds will go towards funding our supply of fresh oysters and sea bass from cafes near the Benaroya Hall this year.

Sneak peeks for you.

!cid_F83314CE-9CF2-4BAB-98DA-D3C8BC0973A0 !cid_DB4A7BBE-8503-493A-8A2B-7270F3DF58A0 !cid_A2E51ED7-E016-4584-9475-2540437C317F

Indicative price is between SGD30-35.

If you do like the artwork, send some love over to Kunkka at the links below.



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    • Ryan

      2nd a poster version! But I’d also take a T-shirt if not. American here who won’t be attending TI3.

  2. Barry

    Want!! I’m based in Ireland and I’m (unfortunately) not attending TI3 but I would love one anyway.

  3. Sam

    Sam Lee
    from South Australia. Currently in Singapore for a short time, would definitely love to get one. (:

  4. Chee Kong

    Hi! A fan from across the border in KL. I don’t mind 1. I might even think of a hoodie as well. Really hope these get done, you guys deserve the support!

  5. han yang

    SG fan here!
    try printing the T-shirts at at no cost.
    they print in the US and ships internationally.. good for fans based outside of Asia!

  6. Leoric

    this looks amazing! i’m flying to the international 3 this year and i would love it if i could buy one before i leave for the usa (4th aug)
    do you know when they will be up for sale?

    greets a huge zenith fan from europe!

  7. Colin

    Hey, I’m going to TI3, I would love to buy a t-shirt. If you can ship to Canada let me know, or I can just buy one when I’m there. Let me know!

  8. Tony

    Love the design. Would definitely order one of each color. Couldn’t make it to TI this year, so please consider selling to those that can’t make it there!

  9. Matthew :D


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  11. Laffi

    Erm, can i proposed on doing an illustration for team Zenith too? I am a junior concept artist and quite a hardcore Dota 2 fan. Would like to do an illustration to show my support like kunkka did, although my work might not look so perfect like his but i really did interested to do it. 🙂

  12. hilmi

    Looking good. Huge zenith fan from local SG! Would defnitely purchase this to help out the players 🙂

  13. Arcane

    Really love the shirt, but it seems a little messy, and the zenith sign and the members are too vague, can’t really see properly.. One T-shirt for $30… I doubt I’ll buy it although i am a big fan of zenith. Around 20$ or less than I will consider. However, I’ll definitely buy the zenith hoodie for the same price or a little less than $40. I’m from Singapore, i hope you guys can twerk the designs and colours etc, make zenith more clear, members name more clear. I’ll see what I can do. #zenithfighting GO TEAM SG. I’ll try my best to support. ❤

  14. José Moreno Hanshing

    Hello, I will be attending to TI3 and I would like one of these T-Shirts and show my support!
    Please email me about this 🙂
    I go by the nickname of Frakenz and I am from Chile.

  15. shadowsblessing

    Very interested in a few, probably in size small. Thanks, and please keep updated on their availability 🙂

  16. Adam G

    I kinda sorta really want one… but I won’t be at TI3, I WILL BE IN THE VACINITY, but no ticket 😦

  17. Sophia

    Hey! I’m interested in purchasing one of these shirts too! Are they available in female sizes? I’m pretty small sized so idk if the regular sizes would be too big for me. Perhaps you could update us on the measurements of the various sizes available. Thanks!! And I’m from SG.

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