The Great Singapore Sale.

Summer time is sale time! We hope you still have some spare cash after the Steam Summer Sale because we have some goodies available too.

We have finalized details on how our Singaporean friends/fans will be able to purchase the T-shirts with Zenith’s Compendium of Heroes print, designed by Singapore’s very own Kunkka. Alienware Arena has kindly allowed us to set up a sales/collection booth for all Singaporeans (or anyone who might be visiting in town) to pick up the T-shirts.

There will be a booth set up inside Alienware Arena, so look out for that! Alternatively, you can approach the counter staff at the Arena and they will gladly point you in the right direction. We printed a limited quantity, roughly 200 in total. We will be bringing some up to Seattle so sales will be on a first-come-first-served basis. We are unable to do reservations (to be fair to everyone) so if you really can’t make it down this Saturday, try to get a friend to help! (:

Venue: Alienware Arena, Chinatown

Date: 27th July 2013 Saturday

Time: 11am onwards

Price: SGD$35 per piece

Sizes available: XS to XL (more quantity available in regular S/M/L sizes) – XS is 38 inches across the chest

Colours available: Black/White/Red

For our friends in America, we will be reserving a quantity to hand-carry up to Seattle. If you wish to get 1 or 2 tees, they should be available at the Benaroya Hall. We are still working out details with Valve – hopefully we’ll be able to leave them at the Store. Will update with details once they have been finalized.

For our international friends who still wish to purchase the T-shirts, please be patient! If we get a good response, we might print out some more T-shirts and work out a way (possibly tie-up with an online store) to ship to countries other than Singapore/America. Due to the tight schedule as well as the hectic training schedule, we are unable to make this happen before The International. Again, we will update the blog with details once that is finalized. Do let us know in the comments what country you’re in and what size you would like to buy so that we can have a rough gauge of interest.

In the meantime, happy shopping!


  1. Amos Tan

    Great! I go to Alienware Arena every saturday! Will definitely be there to purchase one! But,may I enquire,is there a photo of the shirt? I want to see what colour it is nice in. Thanks alot 😀

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