A short history here about the Team Zenith legacy from 2006. This page serves as a short memorial to those who used to bear the name of the team, and will be expanded on in the future.

Team Zenith holds a legacy of being winners. The original Team Zenith was originally under the clan mVp in the last quarter of 2005. In August 2006, they were christened Team Zenith, sponsored by HP and AMD. These were their achievements from August 2006 until August 2008.

Rapture Gaming Season 2 (Nov 2005) – Champion
E-Games $10,000 DOTA Tournament (Dec 2005) – Champion
E2Max Overnight New Year DOTA Tournament (Dec 2005/Jan 2006) – Champion
SengKang CC Tournament @ E2Max (Mar 2006) – Champion
ESWC Singapore qualifiers @ Asteroids (Apr 2006) – Champion
WCG Singapore qualifiers @ Lanlab Online (May 2006) – Champion
CAPL Spring Season (May 2006) – Champion
ESWC Singapore finals (May 2006) – Champion
WGT qualifiers @ Ngee Ahn Poly (July 2006) – Champion
GXL Season 1 (July 2006) – Champion
CAPL Summer Season (August 2006) – Champion
Asian WCG (August 2006) – 2nd Runner-Up
CPL Singapore DOTA Event (September 2006) – Champion
TKA World DOTA tournament (October 2006) – 2nd Runner-Up
Zion.Net Malaysia Call Of The Wardrum Challenge (October 2006) – Champion
CAPL Autumn Season (November 2006) – Champion
GXL Season 2 (December 2006) – Champion
RGN Season 3 (December 2006) – Champion
Intel Gaming Cup (May 2007) – Champion
CAPL Spring Season (June 2007) – Champion
Batu Pahat Resurgence Tournament (July 2007) – 1st Runner-Up
CAPL Summer Season (July 2007) – Champion
WCG Singapore (August 2007) – 1st Runner-Up
CAPL Spring Season (September 2007) – 3rd Runner-Up
WGT Singapore (October 2007) – Champion
ADC Singapore Qualifiers (October 2007) – Champion
ESWC Singapore Qualifiers (March 2008) – Champion
ESWC  International (August 2008) – Champion

Following their victory in ESWC 2008 in Paris, Zenith disbanded, after more than 2 years of domination in the DotA scene (aside from 6 months of lackluster performances before their victory in Paris).

The following were prominent members of Zenith who played with Zenith for a few competitions. The list is written in chronological order of joining.

Ant (Oct 2005 – Dec 2007) – Left Zenith in light of imminent enlistment into the Singapore Armed Forces. Now studying in the USA, and writing content for current Team Zenith.

iceiceice (Oct 2005 – Dec 2007) – Stopped playing regularly from Oct 2006 to focus on his studies, but still played once in a while. Left Zenith to join KS, and then XtC. Now playing for current Team Zenith.

ToFuboi (Oct 2005 – Aug 2008) – Left Zenith after Zenith disbanded. Continued playing competitive DotA. Now is a professional League of Legends player for Team Singapore Sentinels.

GPS (Oct 2005 – Dec 2007) – Stopped playing in June 2007 to focus on his A levels. Left Zenith when he was enlisted into the Singapore Armed Forces. Currently studying in Dartmouth College in Vermont (in the USA).

LuX (Oct 2005 – Sept 2007) – Left Zenith when he enlisted in National Service, but continued playing for Zenith when he could make it. Continued playing competitive DotA. Now playing for Team Aeon.

Musica (Oct 2006 – Aug 2008) – Joined Zenith to take GPS‘ place. Went to Australia at the end of 2006 and stopped playing for Zenith regularly, but was flown back for important competitions. Won ESWC with Zenith in 2008. Currently playing for team Absolute Legends.

mynameiszx (Mar 2007 – Dec 2007) – Joined Zenith to fill the void created by xMusica leaving. Left in December 2007 due to philosophical differences with hyhy. Currently missing from the gaming scene.

WarNutZ (Apr 2007 – Sept 2007) – Joined Zenith to fill the void created by xMusica, and to account for the imminent void to be created by iceiceice and LuX. Left Zenith due to enlistment. Currently playing for Team Aeon, and also is the favorite player of some of Zenith’s members.

hyhy (Oct 2007 – Aug 2008) – Joined Zenith to fill the void created by iceiceice and LuX, and in light of Ant‘s imminent enlistment. Disbanded the team in 2008, and joined KS. Currently playing for Team Zenith again.

dk-mage (Oct 2007 – Aug 2008) – Joined with hyhy for the same purpose. Continued playing with hyhy after Zenith disbanded. Left competitive gaming for a while when he enlisted. Has on-off appearances in the e-sports scene.

Queen (Jan 2008 – July 2008) – Joined to replace the void left by iceiceice and mynameiszx. Did not join Zenith for ESWC, and played little part in the disbanding of Zenith.

bouncy (Jan 2008 – Aug 2008) – Joined with Queen. Left when the team disbanded. Had an extended stint playing for Team Aeon. Has quit playing competitive DotA on multiple occasions, and is currently enjoying one of these occasions.

While the name was discontinued from August 2008 to April 2012, many of the members continued playing together. hyhy has requested that the following achievements from Scythe.SG be remembered as well, and his request will be honored, since Scythe.SG’s alumni consist almost exclusively of Zenith alumni, with roy being a notable exception.

The following were the most notable achievements of Scythe.SG, pulled from hyhy‘s memory:

World Cyber Games 2008 – Champions (team Micronology)
Asian DotA Championship 2009 – Champions
Asian DotA Championship 2010 – Champions
World Cyber Games 2010 – Champions
IPDC 2011 Malaysia – Champions


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