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More Videos!

So I had replays of all of Zenith’s games (stop asking for them though… they’re not for distribution) and decided to make videos! Well, they were actually posted almost a week ago…

The first is a play-by-play breakdown of Loda‘s Pudge in the GDM Lower Bracket Semi-finals against iG!

There are 2 others where that came from of earlier Zenith games… but those got delayed so much that I just published the 3rd one!


Note that closed captioning is on, for those who need clarity. It might sound a bit soft though. If it sounds rushed, it’s for your own good! Unless anyone has a Morgan Freeman ULTRA CAPTIVATING voice, I don’t want to bore you with a lonnngggg slide show.

Next up, there were some pretty good moments in the GDM Lower Bracket finals, but I was too lazy… so I made a highlight reel!

I’m planning to do one for the 4 games in the finals against LGD if response is good enough!

Remember, you can drop me an e-mail for ANYTHING AT ALL! And I’ll respond.

– Ant