Anthony Moh

Name: Vahid Anthony Moh Heng Li
Birthday: 11th March 1989
Sexual orientation: None
Relationship status: None
Favourite role in team: Discoverer of Cheese
Actual role in team: Scapegoat
Favourite player: WarNutZ
Current job: Pursuing a B, Sc. in Computer Science
Favourite hero: Huskar
Other games played: LoL. Doesn’t even play Dota anymore
Things he sucks at: Not being kicked from a team
Things he’s good at: Useless problem solving

Ant is now writing his own profile. So Ant will henceforth refer to himself in very silly third-person.

In fact, Ant now butcher the English language. Ant find writing his own profile very silly.

Ant think self-praise is no praise at all. Ant also think self-deprecation, while his area of expertise, isn’t healthy to write in personal profile.

Ant had great e-sports career at first. Co-founded Team Zenith in 2006. Ant win almost everything. Then enlist into army in 2008. Ant win a few small competitions, also win some big competitions, but not as many. Ant win WCG Singapore 2010, then quit DotA and fly to USA to study. In 2012, Ant hear Team Zenith reform. Ant very happy, fly back and help them generate content. Like Ant writing about Ant.

Everything else about Ant in random facts. Random facts section very long. Because Ant writing about Ant is very random.

Random Facts:
Ant very sad that he is with iceiceice in almost every competition iceiceice wins (and wins some things without iceiceice), but no one knows who he is
+ Ant think it’s very unfortunate that he’s always busy at end of year when big competitions come, with exams or COMMITMENT TO SERVING NATION
+ Ant write a lot of things. Old Zenith blog here. A lot of articles here. Many other articles in sites that are now gone.
+ Ant sometimes write answers to other people’s interviews.

“Everything in this website is a quote by Ant.”

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