Tammy Tang Zhao-En

Name: Tammy Tang Zhao-En
Birthday: October 6th 1984
Sexual Orientation: Amphibian
Relationship status: married to PMS Asterisk*
Favourite role in team: Zookeeper
Actual role in team: Team Manager
Favourite player: iceiceice
Current job: eSports Team Manager (Global) at Razer – left on 31st May 2012
Favourite hero: Lord of Avernus
Other games played: Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, World of Warcraft

What keeps a team together? Success? Success comes and goes. A shared set of ideals, common goals, and the willingness to work together? Maybe in a fascist dictatorship. Or a fairy-tale. What about money? Power?

There are many theories about what keeps a team together. Then there’s the fact – PMS Asterisk*, led by Tammy, has out-lasted most other competitive e-gaming teams by a whole order of magnitude.  Ever since 2006, Asterisk* (which then became PMS Asterisk*) has been blessed with a plethora of privileges most e-sports teams can only dream of getting. A stable team. Sponsorship. Consistent training. Multiple appearances in the media, and a huge following. All these, a direct result of the work put in by Tammy (and a teammate of hers).

Keeping a team together is no easy task. Obviously. In a competitive gaming scene filled with bloated egos and raging hormones (pretty much pre-requisites nowadays to climbing to the top in competitive e-sports), with competition between teams and even within members of a team always escalating, one would be hard-pressed to find a team that has stuck together for more than 6 months.

Perhaps that’s the problem with guys. But it’s not like girls have it any easier.

Bitch-fits. Boyfriends. Boyfriend-snatchers. Bimbos, and PMS. Deal with those in your team. Then all that petty squabble and drama most competitive teams go through seem to be pretty trivial.

Tammy is persistent and experienced. Her job in Razer has flown her across the world, letting her work with e-sports organizations around the globe. Still, that doesn’t seem as cool or challenging as keeping a team of girls together for 6 whole years.

Random Facts:
+ Played (and won) local counter-strike competitions in 1999
+ Graduated from Raffles Junior College
+ Named as one of the 5 top hottest female gamers in Asia (next to Linda Liao and Utada Hikaru)
+ PMS* Asterisk has a full-fledged wikipedia writeup

“Fans require quite a lot of patience sometimes.”
“All Razer stuff for me!”


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