Daryl Koh Pei Xiang

Name: Daryl Koh Pei Xiang
Birthday: June 17th 1990
Sexual Orientation: Troll
Relationship status: Single
Favourite role in team: Pwner of noobs
Actual role in team: Farm farm farm
Favourite player: friedbutterflys
Current job: Full-time Professional Gamer
Favourite hero: Rubick, Invoker
Other games played: Starcraft 2
Other things he’s damn good at: Starcraft 2
Things he sucks at: Reading

When he was just 14 years old, Daryl Koh Pei Xiang knew that he was different from the other kids around him. He felt alone in a sea of noobs. Ever since he started playing competitive cybersports, iceiceice has been known to adopt unconventional playstyles and strategies – and he pulls it off with ridiculous success.

Before his growth spurt started (it might be unimaginable to some that iceiceice was once less than 6 feet tall), iceiceice was already playing WarCraft III competitively. As his local DotA scene grew larger, he quit WarCraft III to start playing DotA for Team Zenith in 2006.

Since then, iceiceice has proven himself as a gamer that stands at the top of his field in multiple games. Aside from being the most sought after player in DotA 2, he now plays Starcraft 2 competitively, once holding the top ranking in both the Taiwanese and the South-east Asian ladders at the same time.

Random Facts:
+ When talking about DotA players transitioning to competitive League of Legends, Elementz (formerly team CLG, now team Crs) chose iceiceice as an example.
+ Has played competitive LoL, SC2, HoN, and DotA all at once during the same time period, though he quickly dropped LoL and HoN.
+ Is popular enough to be searchable on Google (beating the images of Vanilla Ice, whose song was the motivation behind his handle)

“AntSharK is single and available”
“hyhy has never lost a single game of DotA. He always quits halfway.”
“I did try HoN before. I can’t stand the sound that DP makes.”


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