Toh Wai Hong

Name: Toh Wai Hong
Birthday: 27th December 1991
Sexual orientation: Unknown
Relationship status: Unknown
Favourite role in team: Freelance
Actual role in team: Anything that is left over
Favourite player: WarNutZ
Current job: Full-time National Serviceman
Favourite hero: Storm spirit
Other games played: LoL
Things he sucks at: Being tall
Things he’s good at: Sleeping

Let’s tell a story about iceiceice. He is regarded by some as the best player in the world, and he knows it. He rarely acknowledges any other player’s skill, and almost never admits that anyone is better than him.

What is a story about another player doing in XY’s profile?

It’s simply that iceiceice admits that XY is a better DotA player than he is.

Outside the game, XY seems unremarkable, ordinary. Within the game, he has gotten some of the best players in the region to not just recognize that he can hold his own against them, but actually, incredulously, admit that he is more skilled than them.

XY entered the competitive scene as a remarkable player, but was limited by his small repertoire of heroes and his inability to decisively command his team. Nevertheless, his individual skill was obvious, and XY was quickly picked up by top teams.

Ever since then, XY’s performance has continued to be stellar. He often pulls off moves that require so much skill, even those who know what he’s doing don’t dream of replicating his feat. He is every commentator’s dream, executing remarkable moves one after another, each a crowd pleaser, dangerous, skilful, and effective.

XY is a prime example of the difference between theory and practice. Not many people know how he does what he does, and about no one else is able to.

Random Facts:
+ Many sources erroneously state his real name as “Joshua Tan Jun Liang”, which is actually ex-teammate and Zenith alumni Tofuboi’s name.
+ Once slept for more than 24 hours straight
+ Has, at multiple occasions, made a decision to quit playing DotA. Obviously, he hasn’t.

“We feel really happy and good and glad.”
“I got ravage leh!”

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