Team Zenith is a mostly-Singaporean competitive DotA 2 team.

The first incarnation of Team Zenith was born in August 2006. More information about it can be found under the history section.

The current incarnation of Team Zenith arose when xy, hyhy, iceiceice, and xfreedom were brought into the same team, in April 2012. Circumstances had them each leave the competitive e-sports scene at different times, and circumstances now allowed them to be reunited.

In May of 2012, Loda moved from Sweden to fill in as a final Zenith player. Even before then, a string of victories had led Zenith to become internationally renowned in a short time. On May 26th, 2012, Zenith was one of 14 teams in the world to be invited to take part in The International 2, hands-down the most prestigious tournament of the genre, with more than a million dollars in prizes.

Zenith has risen quickly to become the highest-ranked DotA 2 team in the region, if GosuGamers’ rankings are to be believed. At the time of writing (June 6th, 2012), we are sitting comfortably as the 3rd-highest ranked team in the world (trailing by 1 point to the 2nd), with no real way of rising as every other opponent in the region trails far behind.

Zenith is currently not sponsored. Our players love what they do, and they play to win – which usually ends well. Our staff – for lack of a better term – well, they have a passion for what they do. Only that could possibly explain the existence of all the content here. And other social media.

Zenith means the pinnacle, the peak. Team Zenith isn’t satisfied being good. We’re here to be the best, and damn proud of our efforts to get there.


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