Name: Aloysius Ang
Birthday: 14th October 1987
Sexual Orientation: Mostly straight…
Relationship Status: Owned
Favourite Role in Team: Jungler
Actual Role in Team: Writing content and updating social media
Favourite Player: iceiceice
Current Job: Volunteering for Team Zenith
Favourite Hero: Storm Spirit
Other Games Played: SC2, Final Fantasy
Things He’s Good At: Driving iceiceice around
Things He Sucks At: Getting Zenith players to let him photograph them

There are people who do lots of work and don’t get credit. Aloysius was supposed to be one of them. Ant was meant to take credit for all the work he did, but sadly that was not to be so.

It is stated that “everything in this site is a quote by Ant” in Ant‘s profile. That is a lie. Originally, no one was supposed to know otherwise. Sadly, Ant developed a semblance of a conscience and created this page to credit Aloysius for all the hard work he put in.

Nevertheless, it is a dog-eat-dog world, and while Ant holds on to the reins, he will deprive Aloysius of having a display picture. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Until he finds out and sneakily replaces this page with one he has written on his own.

Random Facts:
+ Was offered to write his own profile page. Clearly, if you’re reading this, he didn’t.
+ Gay for Damon Salvatore
+ Also attached to furryfish* (not mutually exclusive with above random fact)

Random Quotes:
“There’s an idiot annoying me on the page… asshole is making himself unignorable…”

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